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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trolling . . . .

Two posts for today - - yeah!  I am coining a new word to describe my use of the internet, the word trolling - - especially since browsing doesn't seem to cover what I do when it comes to the internet. 

Anyone who has seen fishing boats trolling off the coast will know what I mean.  Trolling boats put out big fishing nets that drag the bottom of the ground.  When they pull them up they are hopeful that they get the kind of fish that they want.  They then dump the fish into the boat and then have to sort through them, tossing fish that are too small or of a variety that they cannot or do not want to keep and keeping those that will be taken in and sold.  Sometimes they may pick up unintended fish or sea creatures, though many nets these day are equipped with safety devices that prevent much of that. 

I find myself using the internet a lot these days, as I am sure many of us do.  Sometimes I will use it to find an activity for a special feast day or to print out a handwriting worksheet.  Other times, I will use it to shop for birthday or Christmas presents or price out things I may want but cannot find locally.  Sometimes I will search for something by "Googling" the search terms.  Sometimes my searches yield great results - - those that are actually relevant to what I was searching for and actually usable.  Sometimes, I get the old "shoe" and worn "tire" in my searches - - much like the trolling boats when they pick up garbage.  So, as you see, the term trolling seems to fit better than "browsing."  Browsing indicates passivity.  Kind of like window shopping.  Trolling indicated more action, by keeping the good and tossing out the stuff you don't want.  

So there you go - - trolling!  With all of the great Catholic blogs out there, my trolling time has gotten longer, but has proven more fruitful!

God Bless,

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