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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baseball has started . . .

I haven't posted nearly as much the past couple of weeks.  I can only say one word - - okay, maybe two - - baseball season!!!  Alex is playing his last year of Little League.  Which means running to and from practices a few nights a week and now that the season has started, it also means at least two games a week.  We love watching our Alex play.  He certainly isn't the best player, but he loves the game and wants so badly to do well.  It makes our heart ache for him sometimes.  We rejoice over every hit.   If you've ever watched Rudy, you will understand what I mean.  So far, he is doing well.  He tries to keep a good attitude, which is what Dave and I have been trying to teach him.   That, and to always do your best.  It may not win games and occasionally it may even mean you strike out. 

At Alex's last game, I arrived just as he came up to bat - - what timing!!!  You can imagine the thrill of a mother's heart when he hit the ball and ran to first - - and was safe!  He actually batted in a runner on second and one on third - - score two for Alex.  Then he actually got around the bases and made it home - - score three for Alex!!!!  I think Dave almost had tears in his eyes.  Which may sound funny, but last year, Alex probably played as many innings as there were games, so he didn't get up to bat much.  And, this year seems to be heading in the same direction.  So, it means something when he does bat and bats well.  It could also be that he is maturing, and so his abilities could be sharpening a little.

As parents, it is sometimes hard to see your child on the sidelines a lot, especially when he wants to play so much.  I guess we have to realize that while it's great to love the game, not every child has the talent to be the next Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron.  And in realizing that, we have to help our children understand that, too. 

I remember being told as a child that I could "be anything I wanted to be."  And largely that was true - - however,  it didn't mean that I would be the next Mary Lou Retton just because I could do cartwheels and handstands.   It also didn't mean that I could be many things, simply because I didn't have the talent for them.  As parents, we are called to recognize the talents that our children have and to help them develop them and to use them for God and the furthering of His kingdom.  Some people have a talent for football and are able to combine their love of the sport with love of God - - look at Tim Tebow, who used his popularity to speak out for Life. 

It's great to love a game and to want to play and watch the game.  And even though you may not play very well, it doesn't mean that your future isn't in the game.  There are many aspects to sports that have little to do with actually playing.  In the meantime, we root for Alex and his teammates at every game and say a little prayer when he comes up to bat that he does well, and we rejoice with every hit. 

God Bless!

PS - I am posting some new pics to our Sacred Play Spaces page with photos of the nearly complete "Way of the Cross" set.

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