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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Advent!

Our Advent Tree, with Jesse Tree ornaments and Saint ornaments from Catholic Icing
I know this posting is late, as I should have posted before Advent, but better late than never!  We are having a low-stress Advent here.  I prepped for it . . . a little.  I pulled out the Holy Heroes Advent Adventure:  Jesse Tree DVD and printed the ornaments off on purple construction paper.  I had also ordered the Christmas Mosaic from Amazon.  I couldn't find it available on Hillside Education, so it must be out of print now, but Amazon had it.  I completely took advantage of the library and got out every book that I could from our library and requesting those that were at other libraries to be sent.  For the most part, I was able to find the selections in Catholic Mosaic.  In addition, I purchased the printable saint ornaments from Lacy over at Catholic Icing.  They are well worth the small price.  If you are pressed for time or have small children, print them in color and put them together ahead of time.  While we forget to light the Advent wreath (owing to the fact that we are not home altogether in the evenings as often as we used to be now that I and two more of my children are employed), we have been able to keep up with our Advent tree and readings. 

We've also been able to celebrate some of the feast days - - stockings for St. Nicholas, Taco Night for St. Juan Diego, Lusekatters for St. Lucy . . . As we head into the last week before Christmas, I look forward Our Lord's birth and for the New Year!

(Note:  Okay - - so about the Juan Diego on top of the tree . . . Daniel thought the tree needed a topper and thought his Juan Diego paper doll from Paper Dali would work.  Be sure to check out their great line of coloring pages!)