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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cleaning tools for kids

In the Spring, 2011 issue of Living Crafts, I found directions to make some cleaning tools for kids.  These "dust bunnies" are one.  To make them, I used a micro fiber dish towel that I had here that did not do a great job drying dishes.  They had a nice rolled edge already on them, so I used the edge for the opening.  I copied the pattern and pinned it to the towel and then "embroidered" on the lines with the zigzag stitch (per the diretions).  It worked out great and the dusters are cute and Daniel-sized.  Hopefully the dishcloth  will work better as dusters? 

They also had directions for making this dust mop - - I had some challenges.  First, I am a beginner knitter, so I wasn't sure of the directions. Plus, I had never even crocheted loops, let alone knit them, so that was new for me. 

See all those loops!  I was going quite quite "loopy" from making all of the loops.  It took time and patience - - something I don't have a lot of but I am quite happy to get these "toys"  oops - - tools done for Daniel.

Be sure to check out Living Crafts.  They also have some free craft patterns available.   I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Summer issue.