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In the past, I have scoured the web looking for sites that have resources available for little to no cost.  I am working on posting as many of these as I can here. 

(F) - Free
($) - Annual Fee
($$) - Per Item cost


Catholic Heritage Curricula (F/$$) - While they do have an extensive catalog for all subjects, they also have a nice selection of free materials.  Check out their King of the Golden City study guide and some of their writing helps.  I love their free stuff, as well as their catalog of great Catholic materials!

Catholic Mom (F) - The Catholic Kids section here is extensive an rich with everything from lessons on the Sunday readings to resources for Feast Days and seasons!  Be sure to check this site out.  There is also a lot here to enrich mom's spiritual life.

That Resource Site (F) - A great site that has printables for feast days and other observations within the Church.  Also has some resources for teaching reading, Montessori and CM education.

Open Wednesday (F) - This resources is specifically to help prepare the kids for Sunday Mass. 

Holy Spirit Interactive Kids' Zone (F) - You can find all kinds of things here for the kids, from the Saint a Day stories to coloring pages and activities.

Catholic Catechist (F/$) - There is a both a free section and a members only section here.  There are some great free resources to check out.  I cannot comment on the members only.

Seton Home School ($$) - Seton has some great items available - - I love their reprint of Old Catholic readers.  While we haven't been enrolled in their school in a while, I have used some of their English and writing materials from time to time. 

Mother of Divine Grace ($$) - Classical educational approach, MODG provides lesson plans for every grade level and enrollment is optional.  When I was looking at using the Wariner's English for my oldest, the lesson plans really gave me a clear idea on how to use it effectively.

Scouting ($$) - The Catholic Committee on Scouting has several programs available to scouts (I believe Blue Knights and Little Flowers may also qualify) to earn patches.  Check out the saint and Rosary patch programs.

Bible Worksheets (F) - Worksheets for Old and New Testament.  This is a Protestant resource, so the Ten Commandments are listed differently.


Purple Math (F) - I needed help in understanding how to "complete the square" so that I could help my oldest with Algebra.  This site came to my rescue.  Hey - - it's been a long time since I had taken Algebra!  Not sure if this site can be used as a course or not, but it definitely can be used to help those who are struggling.  There is also a forum available for specialized assistance.

Teaching Textbooks ($$) - We have been using this math program for the past few years at all levels.  I like the lower grades because it allows the children to get immediate feedback on their math work and to retry the problems.  The drawback on my particular copies is that they only get a couple of chances, and this includes if they enter the answer wrong.   I believe they have changed that in the updated versions.  At the upper levels (Pre-Algebra and above), there isn't that same component, but in the upper level maths, the process of getting the answer is just as important as the answer itself.  The CD's that provide the lecture and answers is very handy in helping kids to understand how the answer was derived.  The only thing I wish is that all of the problems in the answer key showed the work.  It would help in correcting to know whether to give partial credit and to see where the student got off track.  I guess you could view the problems with your student, but it would be helpful to just have the answers with all work shown in the answer key.  Otherwise, we love this program.  My oldest is working his way through geometry at this time.  I also suggest that if you are moving to this curriculum - - take advantage of the free placements tests.  You may find that your child should be in a higher (or lower) math. 

Language Arts

Shakespeare Blog (F) - This is a blog I had used while we were doing a Shakespeare coop with friends.  Rather than list the resources I used individually, I will just refer you there.  All of the resources on the blog were from free resources.  There is more out there that I hope to post on the blog as I find them.  I have two more children to introduce Shakespeare to, so I am sure there will be more.

The Baldwin Project (F/$$) - This is a lovely resource!  The people over at the Baldwin Project have been painstakingly entering in classic books that are in the public domain.  You can find so many wonderful books, including ones on the saints!  They have also made many of these available for reprint if you wish to have a copy of these once classic books. 

American Literature (F) - This website is a great resource  for high school American literature. 

Spelling City (F) - Allows the kids to enter their word lists and be tested, play games, etc.

Handwriting for Kids (F) - Allows you to make printable worksheets for handwriting practice.

Social Studies

US History/Government (F) - This is a help for teaching about US History at the High School Level

Colonial Williamsburg for Kids (F) - We love going to Colonial Williamsburg.  Each spring (Feb) and each fall (Sept) they have homeschool events with deeply discounted admission and special activities planned.  I highly recommend a visit if you get a chance.  This part of the website is designed for kids and has games and activities.  To find information for a homeschool visit - - click here.

Outline Maps (F) - Free outline maps for personal use. 

Ben's Guide for US Government (F) - This is a website for kids that explain how the American government works.


Enchanted Learning (F/$) - This website would qualify more as a general site, but I have used it extensively for science - specifically animals and space.  There is much more than that here.  There are some aspects that are free, but the $20/year membership fee is worth it to get ad free printables and access to more resources.

Nanobugs (F/$$) - This site has tons of information on germs and how to prevent illness.  There are coloring pages, information sheets, games and activities.  Have fun exploring this site.  They also have some items for sale.


National Gallery of Art (F) - There are a few resources I wish to point out on this site.  First, NGA kids allows the kids to do both art appreciation and art on the computer.  It is a neat website and has many great activities for kids.  Second, it has an on line catalog of most works, which makes it an invaluable tool for art appreciation.  Third, the educational resources can be sent to you to borrow, all you need to pay is what it costs to send them back via Media Mail.  And last, they also have an on line store where you can order art prints for use at home.

Color Me Masterpiece (F) - This website allows you to print coloring sheets of works of art.
The Toymaker (F) - This website has printables to make little items.  They are beautiful and artistic.


Classics for Kids (F) - This series was started by a PBS radio station and has blossomed since I first came across it.  I really love this site.  It features one composer per month in 4 "episodes".  Each episode is about 6 minutes long where they talk about the composer and his music.  What is really great is that these are available to be downloaded or you can listen directly and since they are now online, you can do the composers in any order and match them up to what you are currently doing.  There are also activity sheets and now I see lesson plans available.  Totally worth checking out if you need to add music to your homeschool. 

Piano Lessons and Music (F) - We have used this website to get free beginning sheet music for the piano.  There is also a music theory workbook that you can download for free. 

Music Notes (F/$$) - There is some free stuff featured and they have a catalog.  Nice to be able to print off the music, too.

Free Classic Music (F/$) - Both free and members only site - - has some easy to play classical sheet music from the masters.

My Music Class (F) - This website has free lessons for learning to play the recorder.

General Homeschooling

Worksheets (F) - This website features worksheets for most subjects.  If you are looking for something to supplement or free resources, this is a good website.

Donna Young (F) - I love this website for organizational printables for both home, home schooling and more.  They also feature lesson plans for the Apologia High School Sciences, which is very helpful. 

Test Maker (F/$) - Test making website - - easy to use.

4Teachers (F) - This website allows you to create rubrics and quizzes and more.  To be truthful, I have only used it for rubrics for writing assignments so that I can try to be more objective.

Crayola (F) - These coloring pages cover a variety of topics - - animals, holidays and learning. 


Catholic Lapbooks ($$) - These lapbooks look terrific.  I am only too sorry that my kids are getting too old for lapbooking!

Lapbook Lessons (F) - This is a site with free lapbooks.  I am not sure of all of the content of the Bible/religion stuff.  But worth perusing.

Homeschool Share (F) - This is a terrific website for lapbooking, unit studies and now Five in a Row.  It ranges many subjects.  Be sure to check it out!

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