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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Felted Eggs and Other Food

Felted Eggs
Here is a picture of some of the eggs that I talked about making yesterday that have been completed with their little "treats" or should I say "tweets" inside.  I found the little chicks at AC Moore and they fit perfectly inside the eggs.  I am sure my girls will appreciate the little tweets!  I want to make more for sorting and counting.  I think that I will stuff and sew them shut for that purpose though.   A friend of mine suggested that I could also make them different sizes using larger eggs -- what a perfect idea for teaching size the Montessori way.  I just have to find some of the larger plastic eggs now.

Felt food (L-R, Front to Back)
Bacon, Strawberries, Eggs
Potatoes, Carrots, Banana
Sandwich meats & cheeses, Bread, Ravioli
I am also adding some pictures of the felt food that I have been making.  It started as part of a Christmas present for my dear godchild and I have continued to make some for other presents and my own dear Daniel.   My oldest daughter, Andrea, was playing with Daniel and put the "food" into the stacking blocks to make it like a store and took Daniel "shopping."  He was counting the potatoes, she said.  The felt ravioli are by far the easiest and most fun to make.  Especially if you have a rotary cutter with the pinking shear blade and a straight edge.  Here is the link for them:  Ravioli.  For the other "food" items, some are from patterns found on You Can Make This and others I have found for free while trolling the web.  You can search Google for free felt food patterns and get a lot of responses.  While you are making the food, also sew your little one a Chef's Hat and apron.  The Chef's Hat is a free download at You Can Make This!  What a great "soft" alternative to the plastic food that is found in stores.  Plus, they don't hurt as much if a "food fight" ensues! 

God Bless!

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