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Friday, April 29, 2011

Felted Angel Doll

Felted Angel Doll
I had an idea last night about felting to a felt doll form.  I thought I would try it out and the results came out quite cute.  I am beginning to love working with wool roving!  This really wasn't too hard to accomplish.  I've made pattern available for the doll body: Page 1, wings: Page 2., and instructions for sewing:  Page 3.

After sewing the body, you can needle felt directly to the body.  I needle felted the face, hair, dress and embellishments directly to the doll.  For the heart, I used a cookie cutter, placed the wool inside the heart and needle felted.  I did not wet anything in creating the doll.  To make the stem, you can use either wool yarn or just twist a small bit of roving and needle felt to the dress part.  The other embellishments were done in a similar manner.  I will most likely make another one, so perhaps I will photograph the steps and make a tutorial for it.  If you have any questions, please ask. 

God Bless,

PS - - I mentioned that I used a cookie cutter to felt the heart shape.  I saw a picture of someone using a "mold" to felt that resembled a cookie cutter and thought why not!  This is sooooo easy to do and you can use any shape you want.  Just cut the roving to fit inside the cookie cutter and needle felt.  You can turn it over so that you can do both sides. Once you are done, you can felt it to the doll or whatever you are embellishing.

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