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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crafting Day!!!

Yesterday, I invited a friend of mine over for a day of crafting.  The kids could play while we could work and chat - - kind of like quilting bees of the past, right? 

Mary brought with her, her wool roving and needle felting tools.  She showed me how she was making this Blessed Virgin Mary doll, which she generously left for Daniel.  (I think I am going to add it to the church bag - - it won't make as much noise hitting the pew as the wooden saint dolls do!) 

Felted Mary doll

As we were crafting, the girls would drift in and out looking at what we were doing.  I was working on the banner of Pope John Paul II.  My daughter, Jenna, saw the dolls and asked if she could try making one for a gift.   Below are two of her dolls - - one she made with Mary, while the other she crafted later.  She enjoyed making the dolls, and I enjoyed the fact that she was enthusiastic.  Many times, she will get frustrated with crafts that are too involved.  These were easy and she needed only a little help.  I think I see a future birthday or Christmas gift here!

Jenna's dolls - Mary helped her with the one on the right.
The one on the left is her creation.

I had so much fun working on crafts the entire day, I think this will have to be a monthly occurrence.  Any takers?

In Christ,

PS - I mentioned the Knitter's Cottage on Iron Bridges road as a local to me source for roving.  They also carry some felting supplies, like needles and starter kits.  I highly recommend a trip to this little store.  The Mennonite sisters who run it are very nice and helpul. 

I would also like to find an online supplier, if anyone has any experience here, that would be great!


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