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Friday, April 8, 2011

Printer Ink

Printer ink can be very expensive these days - - especially if you troll the web looking for cool stuff to print and use with your kids.  I will admit also that I print probably too much, but there is so much wonderful and great things.  Which leads me to how to cope with the rising costs of printer ink.  I have been reluctant in the past to reuse cartridges, thinking that somehow it is going to do terrible things to my printer.  Not sure exactly what I expected, but I just "knew" something bad would happen.  I wonder if that is what the makers want us to think so that we keep buying the new cartridges at a pretty high price! 

I found a product by Inktec that allows me to refill my printer cartridges (HP 564) multiple times quickly and easily.  There are some caveats to all of this.  First of all, they suggest you do not let the cartridges run "dry" and refill them while there is still ink in them.  Secondly, they suggest that you only refill a particular cartridge so many times, which means that you still will need to purchase new cartridges periodically, though less frequently without the refills.  And lastly, it may be a little difficult to tell when you need to refill since most printers recognize that you didn't put in new ones and may still show low ink levels.

Refilling is a viable option though and one that reduces printing costs dramatically.  I refilled my cartridges and had them replaced and back in the printer all within 10 minutes or so.  The printing doesn't look any different that it did with the new HP cartridges and so far, I will have to say that I am satisfied with the product.    I will let you know how it goes.


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