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Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter to Pentecost

During Lent, we did a good job of keeping up with the nightly readings for our Jesus Tree.  I thought that perhaps we could turn this into a liturgical year type of activity.  During the time from Easter to Pentecost, there are around 14 readings, which breaks down into two readings per week.  I took the readings, assigned a symbol for each reading, and thought that we could stack them, sort of like layers of a cake and put a candle on the top for Pentecost, since it is the birthday of the Church! 

You can find the instructions, readings and symbols at the following links:

Page 1: Instructions
Page 2: Week 1 - 3
Page 3:  Week 4 - 6
Page 4:  Week 7

I am working on something different for Ordinary Time, perhaps focusing on the parables.  I think I found 24 distinct parables in the Gospels!  I just want to check and double check and work on the end project before I share.  I hope to be done before Pentecost.  I will also be working on the Good Shepherd play set for our Sacred Play Space.

May God Bless you this Easter Season!

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