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Friday, June 3, 2011

Blue Jeans and frugality

Like most people nowadays, I love a nice comfortable pair of blue jeans.  Unfortunately, many of today's styles start at the hips and for women like me, that usually results in jeans that you are constantly hiking up.  At least, that seems to be a problem for me these days.    Whatever happened to jeans that came up to the natural waist????  I found that rather than purchase the jeans from the "petite" section, I can purchase them in the regular section.  These jeans usually have a longer rise since they are made for generally taller people.  The only drawback is that these jeans also have a much longer leg (even if you buy ones marked short).  

On one recent shopping trip, I did find some jeans that came up high enough, but were entirely too long (by about 4 inches).   Luckily, they were on sale, and I figured that I could possibly hem them up.  I had seen an article some time ago on purchasing jeans that were too long "on sale" and hemming them in a way that kept the original bottom hem in a consumer magazine that discussed ways to save money.  My mother-in-law, who alters clothing, said she has been doing this for years, especially for jeans that have that decorative topstitching on the bottoms.  I had her do a couple of pairs for my daughter as I peered over her shoulder so that I could see the technique.  The jeans turned out great for my daughter, so I thought it would work for me also.   Here are the instructions that I found on-line, so you can see how it is done.

So, this evening, as I had some time to myself, I sat down and hemmed my jeans.  Not too bad for the first time,Now I don't have to be too afraid to buy those jeans that look nice and are on sale just because they are too long! 

God Bless!

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