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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth Tuesdays - Bookmobile Picks

We are soooo lucky to have a Bookmobile in Washington County, MD that comes to our homeschool.  It has been a blessing.  Not only do we not have to go to the library, but we get to check out books for a whole month, request books from the library stacks (and other libraries through interlibrary loans), and not have late fees if we forget to return a book or the bookmobile doesn't make it one month. 

I've been trying to pick up homemaking, knitting, crocheting, gardening, type books when they come.  I can request them, too, but lately, I've just been making do with what is on the bookmobile or what the lovely ladies have found. 

I picked up Do It Gorgeously by Sophie Uliano.  It looked quite interesting and skimming through it I saw directions to make a pillowcase nightie, a no-sew baby sling, tons of recipes for everything from toothpaste to night creme to food for your baby and family.  I will have to look at it more closely.

I also picked up Two-Bite Cupcakes by Viola Goren.  This book features recipes for cupcakes that are run the range of sweet to savory.  I am not sure I will try the salmon and chive ones, but the Mexican ones may get made.

For cooking, I picked up Taste of Home's Fast Fixes with Mixes.  Some of these recipes look promising - I was looking at one called "Colorful Vegetable Bake".  This may come in handy when the zucchini starts to come in!

The wonderful women on the Bookmobile also brought me two beginning knitting books and I kept Chicks with Stick's Guide to Knitting.  I've gotten a couple of dishcloths under my belt so far.

Along with these books, I also picked up some picture books for Daniel, who also picked out some for himself for the first time.  Usually he would pull the books off the shelves.  This time, he happily piled them up with the others to be checked out!  How cute!  The others get to make their own choices from the bookmobile.  They love it almost as much as I do and always make requests from the ladies! 

God Bless!

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