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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craft Activity - - Garden Markers

Jenna paints some garden markers.
 Today we made the garden markers as shown on Skip to My Lou's Summer Craft Camp.   I found the canning lids at Big Lots ($1.50 for box of 12).  I picked up the paint and dowel rods at JoAnn's, though I could have probably gotten them much cheaper at Home Depot. 

I first sprayed the lids with a matte white spray paint and let them dry (which they did quite quickly).  The girls then painted them with acryllic craft paints.  I allowed them free reign - telling them I only needed the middle of the lid clear to write the names on.
Andrea also paints some markers.
Seeing this craft gives me the impetus to now save the used lids from canning and those frozen oj containers to use for next year. I think we will also make a set for Grandma and Aunt Maria for their gardens.  We will leave them blank so that they can write the names of their roses and other flowers on them. 

I am happy to say that the garden is looking great.  I do have to get outside one of these mornings to weed and mulch (so that I can keep the weeds down and the moisture in).  These markers add some more charm to the garden and in our potted herbs.  Below are some pictures of our finished markers.

Thanks, Skip to My Lou for something fun and beautiful to do with my girls! 

God Bless,

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