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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and Bottle Cap Necklaces

Happy Feast Day for Saints Peter and Paul!  We were blessed with daily Mass today - - Andrea and Alex served with Father James.  Daniel slept through all of Mass, which is another blessing since I got to listen to the readings today.  The first reading from Acts was about Peter's imprisonment and then how he was rescued by an angel.  The second reading was from Timothy and the Gospel was when Jesus changes Simon's name to Peter - - the Rock.  In all of these, there are gems to be mined. One gem I mined was the idea that God listens to our prayers and even answers them.  I am sure Peter was praying hard while in prison for God to rescue him.  And he did, in a miraculous way, too. Rather than put our hope in people, we are reminded that our hope is in God.  I really wish daily Mass was in the works for us, but the expense of gas coupled with the distance and time makes it out of the realm for now. 

On a side note, we are making these bottle cap necklaces today - - the directions are available here at Skip to My Lou.  We flattened ours more than the directions - - big oops on my part but they still look fun.  The bottlecaps I had were from a science kit that we are not currently using, and luckily, they are patriotic!  These will be great for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.  The girls are making them for their friends now.  

Andrea wearing one of her creations.

I am having a blast finding little craft project that are fun and practical (which means they don't head to the garbage soon after they are made) for the girls to do.  Yes, I have boys, too, but they don't seem to be as interested in the painting and pounding.  Perhaps I should look at something for them to do.  HMMMMM!  Any ideas?

Jenna working on necklaces.

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