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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Feast Day!!!!

My gang at Cunningham Falls State Park
Thurmont, MD

I haven't really read a picture book to my gang in a while - - you can probably see why?  At ages 10 and up, I sometimes think they are too old for such things.  While trolling the web (isn't that an apt term for browsing?), I was looking more at Elizabeth Foss's "Alphabet Path" and some of the activities done there - - which included the oldest to the youngest!  Well, I got to thinking that perhaps they are not too old for a picture book, every now and then - - especially when it comes to saint feast days.  So, I have pulled out Tommy de Paola's Patrick:  Patron Saint of Ireland and my copy of Catholic Mosaic and have been browsing the web to see what else we can add to augment what we have done.  We still have some soda bread left.  I will come up with an activity or two and we will add St. Patrick's Breastplate to our morning prayers.  I also bought some oxalis (otherwise known as shamrocks) from the store the other day and so we will move them to the middle of our table, along with our painted St. Patrick. 

I've also printed out the St. Patrick's notebooking page and crossword puzzle from That Resource Site.  Once I am done, I will have the kids narrate the story. 

Unfortunately, it is a school day today - - we played hooky on Tuesday and didn't get much done yesterday, so we really have to do school today.  Well, I am off to get the kids moving. 

God Bless & once again, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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