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Thursday, March 10, 2011

From here to there . . .

And so our Lenten journey begins . . .  There is so much I want to accomplish this Lenten season, that I have to remind myself to slow down a little, or else I may come to the end and wonder where the time went.  I can get so busy, even with good intention, that I may forget to take time for my own edification.  I had placed several items in my cart on Amazon but never got around to ordering.  I know I have several works on my shelves that I can choose for spiritual growth.  It's just a matter of making a choice.  Perhaps I will try St Francis de Sales Intro to the Devout Life.  I've never finished it, so that could work.  I also have Kempis' On the Passion of Christ.  That should be good for Fridays.  That should at least get me started.

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