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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Display Board

Today, we are working on our display board and starting on the presentation that we will give to our friends.  We have our lapbook, mini-books, on one side.  We used cards to make a "lift the flap" cards for the national symbols of India.  We included a map along with pins to show where some of the people we have interviewed are from. 

We also got to spend some time this morning after Mass interviewing Fr. James from our parish.  He is a priest from Kerala, India.  He has been with us for the past five years, and we are truly blessed to have him.  He grew up in a small village.  While we were there, he gave us some banana chips.  They were sweet and spicy - - coated in a brown sugar and ginger. Yummmm - - well, I liked them, though the kids thought they were a bit too spicy.  Not hot, though.  It was fun talking to him and learning a bit about what it is like.

One thing we have learned in much of our research about India is that it is changing rapidly.  Technology and education has pushed India forward into becoming a world leader politically and economically.
Our almost-finished display
board - just a little more to do!

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