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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fieldtrip: India

 Along with some of our local homeschoolers, we are participating in a Geography Day.  What exactly is Geography Day?  Well, what we do here is participating families each choose a country to research and prepare a presentation for the other families, telling about what they have learned about that country.   The families also prepare a dish from their chosen country. 

Well, I chose India for our family.  I've never cooked traditional Indian food (or non-traditional for that matter).  My week will be spent trolling the web for a suitable recipe. 

I am also going to have the kids make a salt dough relief map of India, collect geographical information, as well the usual national symbols.  In addition, I will have each of the four older kids make a report on a saint either from or associated with India - - St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Francis Xavier, Bl. Mother Teresa, and St. Alphonsa (First Indian Saint) are ones that have popped up in my brief perusal of the web.  I am also thinking of painting wooden saints of each one - - won't that be fun!!  We will also be looking up agriculture, manufacturing, and industry - - though I think that perhaps the most abundant and best natural resource of India are the people. 

I will post photos of our week long "field trip to India" as we go and those of our Geography Day - - so stay tuned!!!  Oh - - and pray for us - St. Alphonsa - especially since baseball has started, and we still have the myriad of activities to interrupt our trip.

God Bless!

Note:  Look for daily postings on the "Fieldtrips" tab above.

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