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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Lent . . . .

It's that time of year when we start planning our activities for observing Lent.  We've done daily readings before, but with Daniel here now and inspired by Jessica at Shower of Roses, I made a Jesus "tree" banner with ornaments.  Ours is a bit different.  Instead of a tree, I did a vine and it is a long banner, rather than wide, fits perfectly on a short wall in the kitchen.  I also made circles and ironed the symbols on after cutting them from felt.  Though a bit different,  I am quite please with the way it turned out. I really love Heat 'n Bond!  Check out the original at Jessica's blog - she also has readings from the New Children's Picture Bible to correspond, along with links to coloring pages and some activity sheets.  It's sure a great resource!

Jesus "Tree" Banner with Ornaments
While you are at Shower of Roses, be sure to also check out her Alphabet of Saints.  We did some of these at Christmas time for Daniel - - I hope to add to his collection montly with a few of the saint feast days.  This month, I want to paint St. Patrick (Mar 17th) and St. Joseph (Mar 19th). 

I've asked the older kids to each choose and plan an activity to do during Lent and to think about what we as a family could "give up" and what virtue or virtues we would like to work on.  It's something that we try to do yearly, as well as our personal sacrafices. I thought that perhaps in addition to the ornaments, we could add leaves to our vine that would represent our sacrifices and deeds to grow in virtue.  We've done this in other ways in previous years, and I know that my oldest may be too old,  but I thought we would try it, anyways.  Even I sometimes find myself keeping track of my "sacrifices" on a set of sacrifice beads I keep on the kitchen windowsill.  Reminds me to offer up what I find tedious, boring, frustrating, nerve-wracking, and distasteful.  It sure beats complaining! 

Other things we like to do are to attend Stations of the Cross at least once or twice and our church's soup suppers.   The kids, through their various activities usually end up volunteering for one or two of them.  They also participate in "Living Stations" at our church. 

As I get going, I will try to post some of our Lenten resources and activities. 

God Bless,

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  1. Your Jesus Tree turned out beautiful! I hope you are having a very blessed Lent!