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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Now for the sheep . . .

Little Felted Sheep
I had been planning on making the sheep for the Good Shepherd play set from wood, but that idea fell by the wayside when my friend introduced me to needlefelting!   What better thing than to have sheep made from - - well, wool!  I love the look of the sheep with the wooly fur (see previous post for links to tutorials for animals), however, I do not have that wool and would probably have to get it from somewhere on line, so therefore, I am making do with what I have.

The tutorial at Knitpicks is easy and quick for making sheep.  I made some modifications, as I do not have black paper clips, so I modified and used pipecleaners and I do not have dark brown wool, so I used grey instead.  I imagine that you could also use black for the face, too,but I don't have black either.  I added eyes to the first one I did, but I think I like them better without them.

I had to modify the instructions, because the pipecleaners will not go through the felted wool as I imagine paper clips would.  So instead of poking them through, I laid them over the sheep and used wool and felted them in place (see picture below).  

Lay leg down and use wool to "felt" over the leg
and secure it in place.  You will bend the legs down
when you are done. 

This picture shows both legs "felted" in place.
This seems to work out and they came out quite cute!  Each one took about 20 minutes at the most to make.  Another hour and the flock will be complete - - but school and activities are calling me.

God Bless!

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