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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Needle Felting - - More fun stuff

These two little gnome dolls were fun to make!
The one in the little green coat came first - - hence the huge eyes - - but still kind of cute.  I found that you really need to use a tiny, tiny amount of wool for the eyes - - and what you think is tiny, still may be too much!  The tutorial for these little dolls are found at  Now if I can find directions for the little sheep she did, as well,then I can make the sheep for the Parable of the Good Shepherd! 

Needle felting can be addictive and fun!  What is also great is that it doesn't take much time to complete a little project, which is great for those of us for whom long projects usually don't end up finished (so says the cross stitch that has been in the closet waiting to be finished for at least 16 years!). 

Here are some more links to tutorials and directions for little felted things - -

Hummingbird - I did attempt this one, but didn't like how the wings turned out, but something to work on!

Sheep - Haven't tried this - and don't have curly wool - - - but they are sooo cute!  Here is another site for sheep.

Toadstool - - a perfect accompaniment for those gnomes, eh?

Little Bird

That is about all I found on a brief troll of the web so far today - - but I am sure there are lots more out there.  Now to find those sheep!!!

God Bless,

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  1. Dear Jen,
    I love your sheep and little people.
    I too love to needle felt.
    Thanks for the links I may try these too
    God Bless