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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today is the day to break out those macaroni necklaces your children made for you in preschool - - that is if you still have them - - and proudly wear them.  It is a day to celebrate both being a mom and having a mom.  It is a day to pay tribute to the mothers who have been part of our lives, as to celebrate our own motherhood.  Because, let's face it - - being a mom is tough work, but I will say that being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had.

I remember the day that I held my oldest son all day - - my first day home from the hospital.  All I could do is sit and marvel at how perfect he was -- how tiny and how perfect.  It reminded me of how imperfect I was.  And I was a little overwhelmed with the emotions of being home and having this little guy to care for.  I must have cried most of that day.  I had called one of my friends, but she wasn't home, so I talked to  her mom for about an hour.  I think I cried more than I talked.

The next time I came home from the hospital with twins.  Again, I marvelled at how perfectly formed they were.  How precious!  We had some issues with jaundice to work out, which kind of scared us a little, but these two babies were so loved.  How God had entrusted me with them, I will never know.  Thank gooness, he equips the called, because I don't think I was equipped to begin with.  Of course, God gives us helpers.  Unlike my first time bringing a baby home as a single mother, I was blessed with my husband this time around.  Along with my husband came his wonderful family.  And I continue to be blessed through his family.  

 The third trip home from the hospital came around Christmas time, as we brought our younger daughter home on December 23rd.  Usually, I wouldn't prescribe having a ton of people around, but as a new mom at the holidays, having family all around us was great.  Everyone came to see us since we had moved away from our hometown.  I got to sit and didn't have to lift a finger.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law took care of everything. 

Sadly, the fourth trip home, didn't include a trip home with our son.  Born at 17 weeks gestation, little John Marie woud be buried in the plots that my husband and I had purchased so that he could be buried with us.  John Marie's birth, though heart-breaking, gave us a new appreciation for life.  Again, he was perfectly formed for his gestational age.  You could count his fingers and his toes.  You could see his eyes and ear buds.  We heard his heart beat at 6 weeks gestation -- when he was the size of a grain of rice and we got to hold him, small though he was after he was born.  Yes, we were sad, but God still provided us with plenty of blessings in this little miracle. 

This last trip home from the hospital, we came home with our youngest dear son.  We worried through this pregnancy, especially after the miscarriage of the last one.  By far one of our more positive experiences in the hospital, Daniel stayed with me just about the entire time.  Born two years after the miscarriage and nine years after his sister, we were, and still, are thrilled to have him with us.  I look at him and I see the others - - Jeremy, now 16, learning to drive; Andrea, now 12, who is growing into a beautiful young lady; Alex, her twin, still rough and tumble and a "love-sponge", and Jenna, now 10, who still wants to be the baby every now and then.  Having him gives me a new appreciation for them and where they are at in life and how far they've come - - reminding me of how limited our time with them truly is. 

 As a mom, our children tend to define our lives.  At least for the time they are with us.  We truly are blessed when we welcome children.  Even though not every day is sunny, having them on our journey called life, makes it less lonely and more bearable.  They provide us with the occassional tears, but they also have a way of providing us with a ton of laughter. 

God Bless you all and Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    You are one of the most wonderful mothers I know and I am a BETTER mother because of the love, support, encouragement, and prayer that you have given me over the years. I love each of your children like they are my own and I am SO thankful that God brought us together as friends in this life!!!! Thank you fro this beautiful post:)) It has blessed me today. xo