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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Websites of interest

I have started doing Before Five in a Row with Daniel.  It's been quite a treat getting him to settle down for stories since I haven't really sat down with him every day to read to him.  He was a little reluctant at first, but I just kept going and he now is seeming to enjoy it.  I think I have mentioned as  a great resource already.  I was able to find lapbooks that correspond to each of the books introduced in BFIAR.  All Free!  He wants to learn how to use the scissors - - go figure! 

I also happened upon this website/blog that has ideas for bringing a Montessori education into your home.  It's called Montessori At Home.  I haven't perused the whole site, but I did purchase e-book and think it has some great practical ideas for bringing Montessori into a home/school environment.  It's also great because he highlights what he feels is the necessary Montessori materials, which is great, since they do get pretty expensive.  I haven't started completely with him yet, but hope to add some Montessori type activities as he gets older.

The above site also referred me to this blog.  While the author isn't strictly Montessori, she does use some Montessoi ideas and lots of preschool ideas for littles!  It looks like a potential goldmine.  She also has some stuff for older kids, too.


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