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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Field Trip: Day Three

Yesterday afternoon, we went shopping for craft materials and food supplies.  The kids want to make paper lanterns and Beckoning Cats (we are going to use Model Magic for them).  We are also going to make a Carp windsock, which are flown on Children's Day, a national holiday in Japan. 

I could not find all of the food items at the regular grocery store, so I found the Asian Market here in Hagerstown.  They had most of the remaining ingredients and will get in the daikon (a white radish) either today or tomorrow.  While at the Asian Market, I saw two beckoning cats on a shelf behind the counter - - how neat was that! 

For our menu items, we are going to try to make some Yakimori, which is marinated chicken on a skewer.  We are also going to attempt cucumber sushi rolls! Hopefully, they go well.  I don't generally cook rice well, but the box assures me it is possible if I follow their instructions! 

I will be sure to post pictures of our work later today or tomorrow.

God Bless!

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