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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I should be done with this blanket for Daniel by now.  I wanted to have it done for his birthday back in September (I started it in early August), but that didn't happen.  Then I thought I would be able to get it done for Christmas, but I thought I would be able to get a lot more done for Christmas than I did!  I had some grand plans!  To be honest, I haven't been working on the blanket too much.  First of all, I am exhausted.  During the past three pregnancies (this one, Daniel, and John Marie), my energy level in the first trimester have been pretty low.  So, when I found out after Thanksgiving that we were expecting, I kind of knew that much of what I had wanted to do wouldn't get done.  Being pregnant at 40 (or 42) is a lot different than being pregnant at 25! 

I am picking up the blanket today to do some work on it.  I think having the eyes almost done is really motivating, and I hope that once the face is done, I will be motivated to persevere.  Here is the "almost" completed blanket -

Hopefully, I can persevere and get it finished.   This pattern was purchased from the website Cuddle Up Creations.  They have a whole boat-load of patterns if pattern crocheting is your thing.  I am of the mind at this moment to say this will be the only one I attempt.  It has been quite a ride so far!

God Bless,

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