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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy New Year . . . finally!

Yes, I know . . . February is around the corner!  It has been a busy few months!  When we started back to school, I didn't know how much I would be "teaching" this year.  I was hoping that some of my "students" would be a bit more independent, which would allow me more time for crafting, blogging and playing with Daniel. 

It turned out that everyone still needed me around - - yeah, for me!  Jeremy is enrolled in Seton this year for 11th grade.  It is a learning experience for both of us as we become aquainted with their way of doing things.  He is also enrolled in Advanced Math.  So far, I have been able to understand almost everything, and if not, Seton has a wonderful counselor who is willing to help.  He's doing well, but it is not without some difficulty. 

Andrea and Alex are in 8th grade and for the most part, we are following CHC's 8th grade lesson plans.  What a Godsend these have been!  I am not sure I would be as prepared as I am if not for them.  They are both doing well. 

Jenna is also using CHC's 6th grade lesson plans which came out over the summer, as well.  I am grateful to the hard work they have put into the lesson plans.  It has helped us tremendously.  That said, I still do a majority of the teaching for most of them, going over the lessons, reading the history and helping them when they need it. 

Needless to say, this has cut into the crafting, blogging and playing with Daniel time, but it is worth it since school is a priority for us.  I was heartily looking forward to our winter break, but that, too, passed much too quickly, and now it is January, so Happy New Year to you all!

Some good news we have to look forward to this year is the confirmation of Andrea and Alex and the birth of a new little one, sometime late July or early August.  We have suffered through two miscarriages (with Daniel's birth in between) so are hopeful that all will go well.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated. 

God Bless,

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