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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bookmobile

The book wagon
We are so blessed to have our local library's Bookmobile come to our driveway once a month.  Having it means that we do not have to worry about overdue library books (unless we go to the physical library).  We also don't have to worry about fines.  A bonus in my book.  Before we had the Bookmobile, we would forget about the library books all the time.  We were spending quite a bit in fines, to say the least. 
The best thing about the Bookmobile coming is that we can also request books on line to be sent to the Bookmobile.  Makes it great for obtaining books for holiday reading lists.  And the ladies who work on the Bookmobile try to bring books the kids, and me, are interested in.  It's great customer service.

If you have a Bookmobile in your area, check to see if it will stop at your "homeschool".  You will not be sorry if you can arrange it.

God Bless!

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