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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bags and more bags!

How about these bags??? Before we went to the beach, I made bags for the kids to carry their beach towels and stuff in. These are simple drawstring backpack style bags. (Larger ones shown.) Today, with some left over fabric from the bags I made for the kids, I decided to make some lined tote bags. How cute did these turn out! Now I have a place to put my yarn and crochet hooks (Yes, I did learn how to do that, as well!). All of these took about an hour or less to make.

For the drawstring bags, I used a canvas or heavier weight of fabric, large eyelets, and cording. For trim on the pocket, I used some double-fold biased tape. You can purchase cording at the fabric store, but I would look at the clothes line stuff first. You get more and it is less expensive. In order to make it backpack style, you will need to make the casing for the cord twice as wide so that you can feed two pieces of cording in opposite directions. I can try to take some other pictures to show how it is done if anyone is more interested.

In order to make the lined totes, I cut the fabric the size I wished, sew the pocket on, and then surged the sides and bottoms, doing the same for the lining. If you wish to have an inside pocket, don't forget to sew one on there too. I sewed the handles on then put the lining, right side out, inside the tote, which was right side in. I sewed most of the way around leaving room to turn the bags right side out and stitched the opening close. I also stitched around the top of the bag and stitched the lining to the bottom of the bag to keep it in place. If you wish, you can also sew seams perpendicular to the bottom to give the bag a "standing" base. (I did that for the more girly of the two.)
It's amazing what can be done with scrap fabric!
God Bless

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