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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stitches in Time and Place

Just a few thoughts - - I have started blogs before. Trying to be witty or impart some knowledge that I think others would like. It has always been difficult to keep up with that for very long, and many blogs have gone by the wayside.

Then I thought about what I do. I am a mom, and while I don't knit or crochet, occasionally, I will find time to sew. Recently, I started a quilt -- a quilt for my soon-to-be-born son (September). I bought a pattern, followed the directions as best as a novice could do and stitched the pieces together with my machine. When it came time to quilt the top, I decided that the imperfections in the quilt required perhaps being stitched by hand, rather than by machine. So, now I am in the process of hand quilting it. It is a work in progress, one that requires time and attention, but I find it relaxing and reflective.

Reflective, because as I stitch, I think about the children I have (four), the one I lost, the one that is to be born, and any others that may follow. And while I do stitch, I pray for each and every one of them. Our lives are like the quilt I am making. Each fabric chosen is a different shade, sometimes repeated. Each block is pieced together with care, some with more than others. And just as the quilt has imperfections, so, too, life has its imperfections. So, I reflect on these as I stitch and think about how lucky I am, and how much I am blessed and I thank God for the patchwork of life that makes it interesting, and even beautiful, with all of its imperfections.


  1. This is TOTALLY awesome...may I copy this post and put on my "Inspired by Others" page at one of my sites?

    And the quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Love you!