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Monday, June 15, 2009

Blanket, ball and stitches . . .

As promised, here is a picture of the baby blanket I crocheted this past week. It is a simple double stitch, with picot trim. The white really makes the yellow look very bright!
I made the ball with some multicolored cotton yarn my mom had given me, yellow from the picot and whatever white I had from the blanket. The pattern for the ball is on the website I previously noted.
Today, I was at the doctor's office crocheting granny squares while I waited. I was just about to finish a square when I noticed a serious flaw made several stitches ago. I contemplated allowing the flaw (it was really noticeable) or to rip it out and go back over. After a short consideration, I felt that it was too noticeable to just allow, so I started ripping out the stitches. Anyone who crochets, knows that in order to get to the mistake, sometimes you have to also rip out the good stitches. In the end, it was about 10 minutes of work that I had to redo, but it was worth it.
As I was ripping and starting over, I started to think about how I can be like that square. I, too, have flaws. I won't recount all of them here, as my vanity just won't allow for that, but, as an expectant mom of four children, there are times when I battle with impatience and temper. I am sure that is true of many of us. This is why I am so grateful for the Sacrament of Confession. When I first became fully Catholic, I didn't understand the vital role Confession has in a life of faith. It wasn't until I learned more about being Catholic that I have been able to embrace, and yes, even be thankful, for this Sacrament. It is like ripping out those stitches, even the ones that may be good, to get to the ones that are flawed, so that the whole can be good again.

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  1. THIS IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
    You are so talented!!!!!!!
    I can't wait to see it in person!