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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Work!

Were we ever busy this weekend!  It started Saturday morning with some weed pulling.  Yuck!  I hate weeds!  So does everyone else in my family, but I figured if we worked together, it would go rather quickly, and it did!

Dave and I then headed to the dump and then over to Home Depot to get the materials needed to upgrade our playset in the backyard.  We had already replaced the swings, but wanted to add a larger sandbox (that wasn't under the playset), add a floor to the bottom, a climbing wall, and new canvas for the roof.  What an undertaking, but well worth it! 

Almost ten years ago we moved into our house, and wanted to get a playset for the kids, but it was September, so we waited figuring there wasn't much time left to enjoy the outdoors.  The following spring, I was driving home and came across a playset on the side of the road.  It needed some new swings and a canvas cover for the roof, but looked otherwise sturdy.  Dave stopped later and paid the man who was selling it $200.  We invested about $100 for swings and another $30 for the canvas.   In the time we've had it, we replaced a toddler swing and the canvas cover.  With Daniel and now the new little one coming along, we figured it was time to upgrade the playset again, and hence, our work began. 
This gives you a good view of the sandbox.  Nice and large!

We started with the sandbox -- it measures about 5' x 6' - - which is large enough for kids to sit in and play.  It took 15 bags of sand to fill it.  It is inviting and the kids love it (even some of the bigger kids couldn't resist getting in!).  The boys helped with lifting the heavy bags of sand and adding them to the box.

Here is the climbing wall and disc swing.
Next, we added the floor to the bottom of the playhouse.  That took the remainder of our Saturday.  The floor covers up some weeds and makes the bottom look better.  It also gives the kids a place to pretend.  Perhaps I will add some canvas "walls" that can be removed to make it more "tent-like." 

On Sunday, after Mass, Dave started on the climbing wall.  Jenna helped him measure.  (We had removed a sliding pole and ladder to make room for the wall.)  Then he worked on getting a new support beam ready for the canvas roof, which he and I did together.  (I had to sew the sides up, but that was easy!  I lucked out and found 54" outdoor canvas on the sale table for $8/yd -- normally $20!)  Afterwards, we removed the bolts for the toddler swing (we are moving it to the swing set, next to the three swings), so that we could add the disc swing.  I think that is Jenna's favorite part! 
Finishing touch was to bring up the cement bench so that
Mommy can sit and observe.
Daniel has been outside these past couple of mornings, playing in the sand and on the playset.  Now he never wants to come inside!   The roadside find has continued and will continue to be a family favorite for the foreseeable future!  Thanks to God!

God Blesb

 PS - - Did I mention that our "to-do" list is yards long?  I hope to tackle the gardens next - - both the flower kind and the vegetable kind.  Hopefully, the weather cooperates this weekend!

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