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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Story Wreath, Stations of Light cards and box - OH MY!

I love the Easter season!  It's as if the Church is dressed in her very best - - all white and gold!  I also love the celebrations and feasts during Easter -- and how lucky are we that the Easter Season is 50 days! 

I also love having a little one in the house to keep alive traditions that might otherwise fall to the wayside with big brothers and sisters.  How many teens want to hunt for Easter Eggs?  Perhaps if the eggs were more well-hidden?  Having a little one also means we can keep up with the crafts of the Easter season.  I follow Lacy's blog - - Catholic Icing -- and have found this free printable Easter Story Wreath -- much nicer than the one from Oriental Trading!  Her site also led me to this one that has printable cards for the Stations of Light with suggestions for making a Stations of Light box (similar to the one for Stations of the Cross, which I had made for the kids several years ago).  The cards are lovely and you can use them to make three part Montessori cards, too!  I have just the box - an extra blank pencil box that I can store the cards and items in - - I just have to come up with some creative ways to obtain or make the suggested symbols.

I also enjoyed making this Ascension scene for our home prayer table - just beautiful!

Now, I have to find some activities and crafts for Daniel to do!  Soon, he will be helping me more, but until then, I get to have fun coloring, cutting and gluing!

God Bless!

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