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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter!

About a week before Easter, I found this lamb mold cake pan for 50% off at JoAnn's.  I've never worked with cake molds before and was unsure of how it would work out.  I chose to use a pound cake mix to make the cake and made a double batch, just in case one wasn't enough.  I am not sure if one was enough - - I baked the extra batter.  You have to make sure you fill it to the rim of the pan.  Then, make sure you tie the pan (alternately, you can probably use those silicon rubber bands).  Once the lamb was done, I removed the top side and let it cool for about 15 minutes.  Then I placed the top side back on and turned it over and removed the bottom side and let it cool until completely cooled.  Then I lined the bottom mold with plastic wrap replaced the bottom mold, turned the cake and lined the other side, wrapped the cake with plastic wrap and stuck it in the freezer until Good Friday.  (Sometimes it is easier to ice a frozen cake.) 

On Good Friday, I iced the platter that I was going to set the cake one (recipe for icing here).  Removing the cake from the pan, I centered it on the platter.  I started with icing on the face and then put the remaining icing into an icing bag with the right tip and swirled on the icing to look like fleece.  I colored some icing black for the eyes and mouth.  I also colored some coconut to look like the lamb was laying in the grass.  Finally, I used a skewer and piece of paper to make the flag and sprinkled some robin eggs around the base.  Transporting the cake to Grandma's was a little tough - - but it survived unscathed and was enjoyed with a topping of strawberries on Easter Sunday!

We also brought some filled plastic eggs for an egg hunt.  I am sure that if we didn't have Daniel, this tradition would probably be put aside, but having a little one, keeps these traditions alive.

For table decorations, I made this Easter Candy boquet.  I was inspired by this project that was posted at Skip to My Lou.  I used a mason jar instead of a can, allowing the contents to peak through.  The cross pops were made from Jolly Ranchers following instructions found here at Catholic Icing.  Be sure to check out her Easter countdown to Pentecost calendar and all the other fun stuff!

God Bless and hope you have a Blessed Easter Season!

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