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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting ready for Lent . . .

 Today, I pulled out the bin for Lent and Easter from the basement.  I have another one with some Lenten activities in it that I will get later.  I hung the banner for the Jesus Tree ornaments, something that I had made last year, and got out the sheet with the list of readings.  I also put the ornaments in order so they are ready to go.  I have the purple cloth for our home altar out and the vestment for Fr. Oak is completed.  I saw a post on Waltzing Matilda for a crown of thorns that looks quite easy to do with a small grapevine wreath and toothpicks.  I will have to get the toothpicks, but I think I have the wreath downstairs.  And I have printed out this simple countdown calendar for us to keep track of the days.  All of these are ideas from some of my favorite Catholic blogs!

I've pulled together some stuff to start Daniel in little preschool/learning activities.  For general learning and literature, I've ordered some more of the BFIAR books and downloaded the corresponding lapbooks from Homeschool Share.  For religion, I found a book, called Catholic Kids Bible Study,  that I hope will be helpful.   I am hoping to tie it in with the Jesus Tree, and which starts with the Presentation.  I would like to get a Presentation Playset done, but not sure what I will be able to accomplish.  I know I have to be willing to let go of some stuff and focus on the important. We probably won't be able to get to all of the lessons (let's be realistic now), but I hope to do as many as I can, knowing that we will revisit this again over time.  I also want to put together some learning trays, as things for him to do while the others are working at their school work. 

For the older kids, I ordered some Lenten reading items for them.  For Jeremy, I ordered Bl. Pope John Paul II's For the Young People.  I know it is broken down into 365 daily readings, but I guess you have to start somewhere!  Andrea and Alex are making their confirmation this year, so for them I chose books that have to do with their chosen confirmation saints.  I purchased the TAN book on St. Aloyssius Gonzaga along with a saint medal.  He is the patron of Catholic youth.  For Alex, who chose St. Pio, I found a Lenten meditation pamphlet with readings from his writings and a medal as well. 

Jenna is a little tougher, but usually pretty amenable.  I haven't found anything for her, but will probably stop in at the Pascal Lamb (a little Catholic store in Fairfax, VA) when I go down there for my next OB appointment. 

May you all have a blessed Lent,

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