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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Gift of Life

Each kick is a reminder of his presence in my womb, and I rejoice and thank God for the gift of life.

Each time I hear the voice of someone I love, who is suffering from illness, it is a reminder that they are still with us, and I rejoice and thank God for the gift of life.

Each time I pray and ask for the intercessions of those who have gone before us, it is a reminder that we are not forgotten, and I rejoice and thank God for the gift of Life.

Life is precious at every age and every stage, from the very beginnings forming in the womb to the very end. It seems we are reminded more often about the gift of life, though, at the beginning and at the end. In the middle, we don't often reflect much on the gift we have been given. Sometimes, we seem to wallow in our sufferings, without counting the blessings that they bring. Yes, I said blessing. Suffering reminds us of so much - - how blessed we are to be on this earth, how good God is to give us the opportunity to be drawn in closer to Him through our suffering, how blessed we are to share our suffering with the Lord, Jesus Christ, knowing that our suffering will never outweigh that which he went through for us. Some would choose not to suffer. I am there with them most of the time. But with each suffering we have opportunity -- we can either focus on ourselves and turn inward, or we can choose to focus on others, offering up our suffering for the good of others, using it as a chance to witness God's love and mercy.

This is what I try to remember when suffering becomes part of my life - - to be thankful for the gift of faith, that allows me not to always see through my own eyes, but to look at things from a more eternal perspective. It brings a whole new meaning to the Catholic phrase, "Offer it up!"

God Bless!

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  1. Jen, THANK YOU!
    A most refreshing and poignant gift to my soul today!
    May I copy and paste this onto my "Inspired by Others" page at my Daily Blessings website?
    You can see that page by going to
    and then clicking on Inspired by Others.
    I know my readers would be as blessed to share your beautiful thoughts as I was.
    Let me know if that's ok with you...and thanks...I just read your post aloud to my have blessed our day!