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Friday, July 31, 2009

Counting down, counting up

This last month of pregnancy plans to last longer than the rest. At least that is the way it feels, and I am sure many expectant moms would likely agree with me. Perhaps it is the sleeplessness as you toss and turn to try to get comfortable? I'm not sure. But like many, I am counting down the days as I get nearer to delivery. I look forward to meeting this new blessing to our family.

Also during this time, I have been counting up the things that are needed. Do I have enough clothing and diapers? Is the crib up - - where did we put those parts? Is the car seat in good repair? Did I wash the cover? What about the stroller? After all, it has been over eight years since we had a little one in the house!

My kids are also counting - - how old will I be when the baby is my age? They love this game - - especially my youngest. The older ones have already figured out that by the time this baby gets old enough to play baseball or Legos, most likely they will have moved on in life to something different. It really hits home when they start with the game, "how old will you and Daddy be when the baby is ten?" Then all of my almost forty years comes sharply into focus and I begin to feel each one of them.

As I close this entry, please continue to pray for Don, my mother's husband. He is not doing too well right now and is very weak. It has been almost four months since his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer.

Thanks ahead of time, and God Bless!

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