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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's been . . . . .

Virginia Beach, September 2014
I cannot believe it has been over two years since I posted here!  Much has happened in those two years. 

My oldest, Jeremy, has graduated from Seton Home Study and has gone on to study at our local community college.  He is now in his second year there and will probably spend another full year there, going on to a four year school in the spring of 2015.  He is undecided as of yet.

Andrea, my oldest daughter, and her twin, Alexander, are now 16.  Andrea is still studying at home full time and working a local fast food restaurant.  She continues in dance and is an assistant.  Alexander is taking a couple of courses up at the community college this semester and next.  He will go full time next year.  He is looking for a job - - St. Joseph, pray for us.

Girls Dance Recital, May 2014
Jenna has started high school.  The last of the oldest to do so.  I am using mostly Mother of Divine Grace lesson plans.  I love the creativity they employ with regards to writing.  I also enjoy the flexibility of not being enrolled in any particular "school." 

Daniel is now five, and has started kindergarten at home.  He is doing well learning his letter sounds and numbers.  We are working on blending sounds to make words.  Patience is my mantra these days. 

Sophia is now two years old and cute as a button.  She joins Daniel in some of his school day.  One of her favorite activities is the toddler story time at the library. 

Hopefully, I can post a little more now.  May God Bless you!

In Christ,

Williamsburg, September 2014

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