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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


(*Note:  This post was started July, 2012. I've edited it and tweeked it a bit and added the photo of the Creation Story set to the posting.  I also added an epilogue.)

We are now into our third week of school.  The older kids are enrolled in Seton this year in an effort to keep things rolling and simple as we welcome our newest addition in the next few weeks.  I've been trying to gather items for Daniel for preschool. 

I will be using Moira Farrell's Home Catechisis Manual (Ages 3-6) for religion.  Rather than start at the very beginning, I will be starting with the lesson on creation (which is at the back of the manual).  I am making the felt pieces for presenting the lesson and will get a box (I was thinking a scrapbooking box) for storage at JoAnn's.  I also need to get a couple pieces of felt to finish it up.  I found these creation sequencing cards and timeline cards.

For early literacy, I will be mixing a bit of Montessori with some add-ons - - primarily Seton's Early Literacy for Young Catholics.  This will introduce colors, letters and more.  I am also piggybacking Lacy's (from Catholic Icing) Catholic A,B,C's preschool curriculum, as well as adding in some BFIAR and the Catholic Little Saints programs.  It will be fun to see what we get done!

Epilogue:  I have introduced this wonderful to Daniel and he absolutely loves to play with it.  He will get it out and while he doesn't tell the story, he will recreate it in sequence and then play with the little animals.  How cool is that!  Soon, I will be introducing the Mini Mass Set we have along with the Liturgical Year - - showing him how to change the alb on Father Oak to match the color on the calendar.

I am also impressed with the Montessori Pink Tower I had gotten him.  He knows how to put the blocks in order from smallest to largest and he will match the blocks to the Pink Tower cards.  I will have to look for extension activities for the Pink Tower.  It is one of his favorite learning toys.

The neatest thing about all of it is that he actually knows that these items are special and get treated in a special way - - not like his other toys that get strewn throughout the house!

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