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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pattern Crocheting

I know I haven't posted in quite a while.  We've been busy here getting our school year started, decluttering and cleaning the house, and preparing for Daniel's second birthday.  Has it been two years already!!!!  In some ways, it seems as if he has always been part of our family, and in other ways, it feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. 

I am working on crocheting Daniel a blanket with Thomas the Tank Engine on it.  I doubt I will be done in time for his birthday - - it is a week from today, but I am going to put more effort into it this week. 

I had never crocheted from a pattern before, and it has been quite the learning experience.  While it is all single crochet, it can be difficult dealing with all of the colors.  You cannot simply change colors for one or two stitches.   I've learned to carry the different colors, drop them when not needed and pick them back up again,when I do.  The hardest thing to deal with, though, is the tangle of yarn that ensues.  I've developed an inexpensive way to keep the yarn much neater.  Yes, they will still get tangled, but they are much easier to untangle.  I guess this would be like the bobbins suggested, but a homemade version.

You will need:

Clothes pins - - the kind without the spring.  You can find these in the craft stores in the doll making section.
Rubber bands - - not large, but not tiny either.  About 1 - 1/2 inches should do it.

Materials needed.

Place yarn and rubber band (gumband as we would say in Pittsburgh) under the
clothespin in the dip between the head of the pin and the body.

Loop the rubber band over the yarn and through the other side.  Pull tight to secure.

Wind a few yards of yarn around the clothespin.  Bring the rubber band down and secure by
looping the rubber band over the "leg."  This will keep the yarn from unravelling.

 One last tip to crocheting a project that takes more than one sitting.  Use a marker to keep your last stitch in place by securing it to the stitch below.  This will also prevent little hands from undoing your hard work. 

Stitch marker is looped through the current stitch and
 the stitch below it to secure it in place.
Well, that is all I have time for right now.  I am off to Mass and then run a couple of errands before we head home to start on schoolwork. 

God Bless,

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