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Friday, August 5, 2011

Redwall Tea

I don't often post about something the boys are doing - - let's face it, they are not much into crafts.  But today, Alex (13) got up and asked if he could search out recipes for many of the dishes that are in the Redwall Books.  He spent much of the morning copying, pasting and printing out recipes for such delights as "Hot Root Soup," Mossflower Wedge," "Honey Scones," and "Meadow Cream."  Many recipes (reader created) can be found here.  He collected the recipes and put them into a binder with page protectors.  He is looking forward to making many messes in the kitchen!

Alex is a big fan of the Redwall Series.  He has consumed (I would say read, but Alex doesn't read, he consumes books) many of the series and has purchased them on his own so that he can enjoy them again and again.  He even listens to them on his MP3 player.  I haven't asked him why he reads and rereads, but he must find them enjoyable over and over!  

Of course, we had to try out some of the recipes, so we decided to make a "tea."  For the "tea" (we had no tea to speak of), we made Scones, Meadow Cream and Strawberry Fizz.

What a fun way to spend time with Alex!  I think that this may end up as a Christmas present under the tree - - SSSHHH! Don't tell!


  1. Jen,
    Lyric told us all about it.. SHe loved the food and the fact that Alex cooked it!!! I think we will be making the scones and the Meadow cream. She said those were really good!!

  2. Thanks, Charlee! It was good! Imagine what else can inspire him!

  3. I LOVE Alex.
    I LOVE Redwall.
    I LOVE the Fraticelli Family, who always do such interesting and FUN things!
    Mary Helen just finished a whoppingly thick Redwall book and I will tell her about these recipes as she is happiest when in the kitchen, baking and cooking!