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Friday, February 25, 2011

Homespun Love

I had started a cross stitch pattern many, many, many years ago.  I never quite finished it and it still sits in my to-do pile.  On it is a little poem that ends with: 
                      With His blessing from above,
                     Our house is filled with homespun love.
                                              (Graph It Arts BK 31)

I know I started this piece more than 16 years ago.  I've worked on it sporadically, but have a few mistakes on it that I have to either work out or pull out and start again.   My life is sort of like that unfinished cross stitch piece - - unfinished, some mistakes along the way, but blessed and filled with love,nonetheless.  God has certainly blessed me - - with my loving, hardworking, dear husband, the five children we have, the location of where we live, and I can go on and on with the list.

Homespun Love - - I am sure the name calls to mind the various crafts and things that fill the walls and spaces of a home to make it warm and inviting, and yet, it is more than that.  To me it is the idea of creating a space that is comforting, not just for visitors, but for those who daily lives are woven into the walls of our home.  There is a book available that disusses the home in a way that you may not look at it again.  It is called Splendor in the Ordinary:  Your Home as a Holy Place by Thomas Howard.  In this book, Howard goes room by room explaining how the ordinary purposes of the room are actually more than what we take for granted - - from the entryway where we welcome visitors and each other to the diningroom, where we eat together, our home is holy and sacred. 

We were at the beach last year and I was baking some biscuits.  My youngest daughter walked in and declared that the beach house smelled like home with the yummy smell of the biscuits baking.  And isn't that what home is all about?  That familiar, comfortable association of a smell or a feeling?  To sense something and be reminded of home.  That is what I hope for - - for this is what will bring them back after they have left - - knowing that they will have someone to listen, someone to hug them, and someone who will get up and bake biscuits or homemade bread for them. 

God Bless!

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